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The X-Road tread pattern suitable both for riding in easy, hard packed terrain and on the roads. Finer and smaller tread figures, especially in the central part of the tire, ensure low rolling resistance bring joy from fast and comfortable riding. The X-Road is tubeless ready with Tubeless Supra construction. It's the right choice for most CX tracks.

WELTEX (CARBON RIM SHIELD) TIRE BEAD ANTI-ABRASION TECHNOLOGY An extremely durable rubberized fabric with high-density polymer threads protecting the entire bead of bicycle tires. Its excellent elasticity at negligible weight substantially increases bead resistance against abrasion especially from carbon rim shoulders.


WELTEX+ Approx. 3 mm thick rubber buffer produced from a special compound, placed between tread and carcass. Due to its properties prevents from having puncture or cutoff and such eliminates risk of tire defect while common using. It increases stiffness and strength in the crown area and such eliminates drag while keeping adhesion. Optimal properties are reached by application together with Long Way construction and with reflective stripe.


Rubber compound on active carbon black basis. Such provides high structural strength, enhanced abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion, grip and low drag characteristics. Density 1,02 g/ cm3 . Predetermined especially for racing purposes.

Weight 330g (33c), 455g (38c)